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Printable Piecepack

Paul Shope has created a printable piecepack that you can download, print, cut and build yourself.



To view and print the files listed above with the extension "PDF", you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click the button at below to download it for free from the Adobe site.
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Other Materials Needed
  • (4) Sheets of paper or full-page label stock.
  • (4) Sheets of backing material, such as cardboard, chipboard or thin wood.
  • (4) Standard 16mm dice.

     It may help to review the Anatomy of the Piecepack before beginning your piecepack construction.
     After downloading the files listed above, print each file to a color printer. (If you do not have access to a color printer, print in black ink onto colored paper instead.) You can print the files onto full-sheet labels (available from your local office supplier) or plain paper (in which case you will need glue).
     Perform the following steps for each of the four sheets:
     Cut off the side of the sheet containing the folding-tent style pawn and die faces. Cut each die face into a separate square and affix the squares to the sides of a standard die (covering the numbers).
     Affix the pawn portion of the sheet to backing material. Cut out the pawn in a single rectangle. Cut the slot at each end of the rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half, and again at the crossline closest to each slot. Insert one slot into the other to make a standable shape with a triangular profile.
     Fold the remaining tile & coin portion of the sheet along the provided center line. Affix the sheet to backing material, with the center fold wrapped over the edge of the material. This will ensure that the fronts and backs of the tiles and coins align properly. Cut out the coins and tiles.

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