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Related Sites

Piecepack Forum - The piecepack forum at Yahoo Groups. A discussion list for the construction of piecepacks and the development of piecepack games.

Piecepack Wiki - Another site dedicated to discussions of the piecepack, content here is provided by the users of the site.

Articles about the piecepack

The December 2001 edition of The Games Journal contains an article by Ronald Hale-Evans discussing game systems in general, and the piecepack specifically.

Mik Svellov posted a very thorough review of 1st edition piecepack on the Brett & Board site. The entry includes an overview of the Mesomorph Games piecepack, along with descriptions and pictures of each of the 7 original rule sets.

Issue number 1 of Grampa Barmo's Discount Game Magazine includes an article by James Kyle explaining in some detail the whole piecepack concept.

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