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JCD Printable Piecepack

The JCD Piecepack is a set created by Jonathan Dietrich and is made available as a downloadable set of PDFs. The set can be downloaded, printed onto transparent sticker paper, and applied to readily available wooden pieces.

Notes: The JCD Piecepack is designed to be printed from a black and white printer, therefore all of the suits are are either dark or light.
Light: suns, crowns, hearts, diamonds
Dark: moons, anchors, spades, clubs
This feature means that there is no problems for color blind individuals. All pieces rely on suit symbols for identification. Aces are marked with the swirl consistantly through out the entire set. All sides of the dice show the value and the suit. The backsides of the tiles have an alternating black and white check (though this may change in the future). Use of Anchors instead of a Fleur-de-lis means that it can integrate easily with an Empire deck of cards.

Components list
8 suits (Suns, Moons, Crowns, Anchors, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs)
  • 6 tiles
  • 6 coins
  • 2 standard dice
  • 2 suit dice (null, ace, plus four suits)
  • 1 pawn belt (a strip of paper with suit indicator to go around the pawns, provides identification and facing info)
  • 1 fold up paper pawn
  • 1 suit (star) coin (one side dark on light, the other, reverse)
JCDPIECE.zip - piecepack font v0.95
fontkey.pdf - piecepack font key (key mappings for piecepack font images)
jcd-blank-stashpacks.pdf - 2 blank templates to use for creating your own suits to expand the JCD Piecepack
jcd-piecpack-v2.pdf - All 8 suits of the JCD Piecepack version 2.0
jcd-pp-cash.pdf - JCD Piecepack cash in the following denominations: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000
jcd-pp-pyramids.pdf - A set of Piecepack Pyramids to match the rest of the JCD Piecepack set
macs-basic.pdf - a version of piecepack dice cards (null, ace, and 2-5 and some wild) in the JCD Piecepack style (only for Moons, Anchors, Crowns, and Suns)
bphd-basic.pdf - piecepack dice cards for cluBs, sPades, Hearts, and Diamonds
macs-extra.pdf - adds values 6-15 in the MACS suits (above)
bphd-extra.pdf - adds values 6-15 in the BPHD suits (above)

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