The Flexible, Portable, Affordable Board Game System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a piecepack?

Flexible. Portable. Affordable. Public domain. The piecepack is a set of boardgame parts that can be used to design and play a wide variety of games. Anyone may design and publish a piecepack rule set. Any manufacturer or individual may produce piecepacks.

What's in a piecepack?

The Anatomy page has a complete listing of what goes into a piecepack.
The Glossary page provides explanations for common piecepack terms.

What games can you play with a piecepack?

The Piecepack Games page lists the rule sets currently available. The list is not static, new rule sets are being added all the time. If you want to know when rule sets are added or updated, you can either check back occasionally or join the Piecepack Forum at Yahoo Groups.

Can I make my own piecepack?

Anyone is free to make their own piecepack.
One option is found on our printable piecepack page. There you will find all the files and instructions you need to create a piecepack set.

Can I buy a piecepack?

The vendors page contains links to any companies we are aware of with commercially available piecepack sets.

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