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Design Contest: History Repeats Itself

The Theme
All game submissions are to be based on some sort ofhistorical event. Of course, how accurately historical your game is, isanother matter.

The Deadline
11 July 2003

The Judge
Rob LeGood, winner of the Changing Landscapes design contest.

The Prizes
2 sets of piecepack pyramids in a hand-painted box
A prize from Rob LeGood, to be announced
Piecepack 2nd edition with rules CD-ROM from Mesomorph Games
Piecepack trophy cloth custody until end of next contest

The Entries
Berlin, by Eric Witt
Black Thursday Redacted, by Clark Rodeffer
Chariots, by Mark Biggar
Divorced Beheaded Died Divorced Beheaded Survived, by Eric Witt
Pharaoh's Heir, by Phillip Lerche

The Winner
Pharaoh's Heir, by Phillip Lerche

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