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Design Contest: Group Projects

The Theme
Entries are to be designed in groups of not less than two co-authors.

The Deadline
30 June 2004, 3:00 PM EST

The Judge
Clark Rodeffer, winner of the Solitary Confinement design contest.

The Prizes
The prizes can be split among the winning authors as they see fit.
The sponsors and their contributions to the prizes are as follows:
* Mesomorph Games: Winner's choice of one item from inventory (one Author) Rules CD-ROM for each Author of winning game
* Chris Brooks: $50 gift certificate to www.funagaingames.com to split
* IcePack Games: 1 piecepack expanded
* Matt Worden Games: 1 table top version of Castle Danger
* PyroMyth Games: 1 table top version of Cannon
* Clark Rodeffer: 2 stashes of Icehouse Pyramids

The winners also receive custody of the piecepack TrophyCloth, a card-table-sized tablecloth with a color piecepacksuit emblem embroidered on each side of the table. Thepiecepack Trophy Cloth passes from the winner(s) of onecontest to the winner(s) of the next, with each of thewinners of this and previous contests signing and datingthe cloth before passing it on following the close of thenext competition.

The Entries
Army Brats, by Don Kirkby and Alan Price
Bid!, by Jeb Havens & Ian Schreiber
Blockade, by David Boyle, James Kyle and Chris Young
City Council, By Phillip Lerche, Michael Schoessow and Stephen Schoessow
Delegate Dash, by Chrystal Overby and Glenn Overby
Elephant Run, by Jim Adams and Amy Enge
Gold Rush, by Seth Jaffee and Jason Smulevitch
K'Dak's Tower of Confusion and Camel Wash, by Jim Adams and Amy Enge
Magistratum, by Brad Johnson and Phillip Lerche
Shaman Island, by Randy Cox and Jason Totten
Ship It!, by Michael Schoessow and Stephen Schoessow
The Fallacy of Rank, by Keith Lacey, Will Schneeberger and Joshua Tempkin
The "In" Crowd, by Jeb Havens and Ian Schreiber
Triactor: A Day at the Piecepack Downs, by Jonathan Dietrich, Ken MacKeigan and Julie Taylor
Venice, by Soren Busch-Knudsen and Jesper Sommer

The Winner
The "In" Crowd, by Jeb Havens and Ian Schreiber

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