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Design Contest: Changing Landscapes

The Theme
The design theme for the 3rd piecepack game design competition is ChangingLandscapes. All game submissions must be for board games that utilize amutable board. In other words, the board configuration must change in somefashion during the course of the game.

The Deadline
17 January 2003

The Judge
Michael Schoessow, winner of the Lydic Synergy design contest.

The Prizes
Hand-made 4x4 game board, bits, case, and instructions.
2nd edition piecepack with rules CD-ROM from Mesomorph Games.
Trophy Cloth (passed from winner to winner, with names added)

The Entries
Chaos Cruisers, by Paul Elliot
Chemin Montagneux, by Mitchell Allen
Choosy Sushi, by Eric Witt
Decay, by Robert Mundschau and Matt Heistad
Easy Slider, by Ron Hale-Evans and Marty Hale-Evans
Froggy Bottom, by Clay Blankenship
Global Warming, by Mark Biggar
Iceberg, by Ken Leyhe
IceFloe, by Tim Schutz
Kingdoms of the Middle Sea, by Phillip Lerche
King's Cottage, by Jonathan C. Dietrich
King's Progress, by Phillip Lerche
New City, by Rob LeGood
Royal Racers, by Robert Kouba
San Andreas, by James Kyle
Scavenger Hunt, by Mark Biggar

The Winner
New City, by Rob LeGood

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