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Pawn Saucers
Pawn saucers were developed by Karol M. Boyle at Mesomorph Games. They are included as standard equipment in all of the MG piecepack sets and available separately from MG.

The pawn saucer is a small round piece with a depression on one side that a pawn can sit down in. It can be used to add a directional mark to a pawn or as a separate piece. If used separately, it has a directional mark and may indicate a suit, depending on the side that is exposed. It is also reversible, so the suit information can be alternately hidden or displayed.

The pawn saucer concept has been released into internation public domain; anyone may manufacture and distribute pawn saucers without paying a royalty or license.

Manufacturing Notes:
The pawn saucer is a round piece with a depression in one side.
The depression must be large enough to accomodate one of the pawns.
The saucer should be stable resting with either side facing up.
The saucer much be small enough to fit in one space on the back of a tile (4 per tile).
The bottom of the depression is marked with a colored dot to signify suit.
The other side of the saucer is not marked with a color.
Both sides are marked along one edge to signify direction.

For reference, MG uses undrilled 7/8" craft buttons, but these have to be special ordered from the manufacturer in bulk. Standard 7/8" craft buttons may be a suitable replacement, and can be found at many craft supply stores.

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